Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Let me just start off by saying thank you for visiting my blog. It is still in the process of being, built but I wanted to get this post up as soon as possible. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Influenster to review the new Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen. They sent me the color Redgy with the Top Coat. I currently go to cosmetology school and gel polish is in huge demand. However there are a few things about gel polish that my clients and I aren’t fond of. One of them being the curing time required for normal gel polish. It can be a bit time consuming for someone who is in a hurry. Sometimes if the polish is applied too thick, it won’t cure properly, causing the polish to basically peel or slide off the nail. The removal process is also another downfall to the typical gel polish. It’s timely and if not done with patience and the right techniques, you will ruin your nail bed. Sally Hansen claimed to have fixed all these. I’m always skeptical of products that claim to be a miracle so I was thrilled that I was being sent some to review, because in all honesty I probably wouldn’t have tried it if I had to pay for it. I typically stick to higher end salon brands and pay about $10 for gel polish and $5 for regular polish at my supply stores. That’s why I kind of stay away from paying $10 for drug store nail polish, however, I’m really glad I was informed of this new product because it really does what it claims to do.

Here is a picture after I applied one coat. As you can see…there is no streaking and it is very opaque. (Please excuse the bandage on my hand, I’m recovering from Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery)10506937_10201571304642798_7564301900044080225_o


The formula is super smooth and doesn’t apply too thick or thin. The brush can easily hold enough to apply to 2 or 3 nails with no problem. Here is a picture after 2 coats is applied with top coat:


10495568_10201571304682799_7220408947227100396_oAll in all this nail polish is incredible and now my current favorite. Sally Hansen has been able to do away with the downfalls of normal gel polish without compromising the quality and benefits of gel polish. The brush is perfect because it’s flat and has a rounded tip to perfectly fit around your cuticle and side walls. You don’t need a light to cure this. Which is a huge time saver and money saver, because curing each layer takes time and a good curing light isn’t cheap. I have been wearing it for almost 2 weeks and there is NO CHIPPING!! You really can’t beat this formula. It really is a Miracle Gel. The only downfall that I have found with this nail polish is you have to be very careful when you apply the top coat. If you don’t get a decent amount of top coat on the brush and float it over your nail, the nail color comes off onto the brush. I can live with that though 🙂